Diixi focuses on the execution and support towards corporate globalization.

21th century is the age of Asia.
The one who takes hold on Asia can rule the world.
Diixi offers enforcement of global competitiveness as a escort runner.

Asia Entry Consulting

  • Target countries: entire Asia region such as Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Philippines, Myanmar, Indo, China, Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong.
  • Industrial area of specialty: IT, communication, mobile service, web service, electronics, service business, education, retail, food, and so on.
  • Providing service: planning and execution Asia entry strategy, alliance, foundation of joint venture, service development, marketing research based on local business, ethnography research, personnel system design, foundation of overseas bases, management advisory.
  • Track record: Diixi offered service to Japanese, Chinese, Asian, American and European companies with annual sales of a million dollar to over several trillion dollar.

New Business Consulting

  • Diixi executes launching new business in Japan and Asia countries.
  • Refer to the example of Diixi Way for detailed information.

Innovation-Emergent Consulting

  • Diixi offers Innovation-Emergent Consulting which includes ethnography marketing and design thinking.
  • Refer to the example of Diixi Way for detailed information.

Instruction Courses for Globalization of Employees

  • Diixi offers instruction courses which is developed from Innovators Camp (which is designed for consumer) for corporation.
  • Every program is customized in compliance with client’s demand.
  • The program is took advantage to instruction courses for new employees, managers and management exectives.

Why should you choose Diixi?

  • Diixi has a hands-on policy and can approach the fact through experience.
  • Diixi has a world wide network and offers speedy correspondence.
  • Diixi has a great deal of advisory experience all over the world.

Example of Diixi Way

BOP 超巨大市場をどう攻略するか [単行本(ソフトカバー)]
BOP 超巨大市場をどう攻略するか

  • Business which is targeting at developing countries、especially focused on the lower and middle class people.
  • Diixi has a business developing experience that aims at all segment from the affluent people to the base of the pyramid.
  • This book is appropriate to simulate Diixi Way. Please check this book