An innovative event called the Chaos Asia will be held at Singapore on November 9 to 10.
Creating innovators from Chaos scene
- the Chaos Asia is the event where you will become witness to innovators of the future -

Diixi Pte. Ltd.(Founder/CEO Noritaka Kobayashi, hereafter “Diixi”) announces to hold an innovative event called the Chaos Asia on 9 to 10 November at St.James Power Station in Singapore.

The Chaos Asia (www.thechaosasia.com) is a unique and unprecedented event to create innovators designed and produced by Diixi.
Since Diixi recognizes that the innovator will be created from some sort of “Chaos”, Diixi decided to make it happen. To realize such chaos scene, 88 presenters will be selected by competition from eight fields that include Art, City, Education, Entertainment, Food, Health, Interactive, and Lifestyle. Any one can apply for as a presenter. For example, drawing with unfamiliar materials, rock music performance with quite different stance, demo of apps on smartphone to change education with unexpected way of gamification, or city planning by combination with children and elderly people, etc.
Every 88 presenter has 180 seconds for his/her pitch. It will be expected that the variety of nation’s participants will get together at the event and they will be witnesses of soul pitches from the various types of innovators of the future.

The Chaos Asia will be held at St.James Power Station Neverland II in Singapore on 9 to 10 November, 2013. The venue is not a normal hall for conference. It is used for dancing club in night. It is customized dramatically for the Chaos Asia.

Name of the event: the Chaos Asia 2013
URL: www.thechaosasia.com
Date:9 to 10 November, 2013
Venue:St.James Power Station Neverland II (3 Sentosa Gateway, Singapore 098544, +65-6270-7676)
Application for as a presenter and registration: via the above URL

Eight fields in detail, presenters can combination fields freely.
Fields      :Example type of presenters
Art        :Design, Culture, Dance
City       :Architecture, Urban design, Community
Education    :Youth, Lifelong, Social learning
Entertainment  :Film, Music, Game
Food       :Gourmet, Cuisine, Beverage, Agribiz
Health      :Sports, Healthcare, Medical
Interactive   :Smartphone, PC, Web, Cloud
Lifestyle    :Fashion, Beauty, Travel