When did you set limit on your life?

50's can not get any good job?!

40's can not do challenge due to home mortgage and school expenses?!

30's is too late to set up their company?!

20's, they are seeking for huge company because of its stability?!

Teen, they are considering to enter "good" university and do not have any dream?!


When did you set limit on your life?

Why do you think that it is something that you can not do?

Why do you think so?

Why do you think it is not good?

Why don't you move?

It is common sense? It is an adult?

If so, I will tear up.


Let me see changes in the world for the last decade.

SONY released lots of messages like "Digital Dream Kids". PlayStation and VAIO were on sale simultaneously, and those stormed the world. Its stock moves like IT ventures. At the current, their market cap is only 8 to 9 billion USD. One says that SONY is over any more.

Is it true?


iPhone, iPad now stormed the world. Those were released by Apple. Their market cap became 60 times big in the last decade. Now, it is the highest in the world. Then anyone should try to get job at Apple?

Is it true?


Apple was almost bankruptcy 15 years ago. No hit products. It is a "good" case study of "failure products" because Mac OS is not have compatibility with Windows.

What should we learn from these two companies?
Should we research on the industry more?
Should we research on the companies more?
Should we consider which company we should enter more?

Do we need to brush up such skill?!

It is completely wrong.


What will happen from the next decade?
It is completely impossible to predict. Companies ride the waves of rapid growth currently will exist in 10 years? No one knows it.
Which company should we work?
We must not such staff.


What we should consider is "Work with whom?" and "what is your vision".


We should learn skills to survive in this rapid changing market even if you change your jobs, a company you belong to bankruptcy, or you set up your company.

Now we have a billion network on social media in the world. We have a platform to deliver to the billion-network with your sole power once you create any material, photography, video clips, apps, etc. Personal fab tools like 3D printers are now on sale. Anyone can take advantage of them and to make revolution.

It will become huge gap instantly between those who move forward proactively by taking advantage of these new tools and those who see their internal issues at companies.


Look back on you now.

90% of What you think is your home country?!

90% of what you work is adjusting internally?!

90% of people you are usually talking to is only your relative?! Don't you feel just comfortable?!


1 out of 70.

If you decide to focus on Japan market, it means that you discarded 69 possibilities out of 70.


1 out of one million

If you targeting on internal members to design new products or services, it means that you discarded business possibilities with millions of companies.


Middle and senior people in 40's and the above.

Please keep on fighting until coming down. Lots of challenger set up their company in fifties. Your knowledge will be important to do transformation of a society. It is enough to set limit when you lie down in coffins.


Business professional in 20's and 30's

Do not settle for the current situation because of we have been grew up under lost decades. Do not just follow to the old common sense which was built in 20 century. You can do any challenge from now on. You can take next steps from tomorrow. Throw out limit of your life and just run!


Youth in teen

Do not think a rail, set up by adalt, the world. Try to look for 1,000 selection what you will become and what you will head. Limit of life?! You just started to walk your life by your foot.


The fifth rail.

I will set up it by Diixi.
What is the fifth one?

1st one : Going to good university and join good company. A rail called Deviation score.
2nd one : Dreaming to become baseball professional players, soccer players, Olympic players, etc. A rail called Sport boys-girlds.
3rd one : Trying to be a manga write or an art designer. A rail called Creators.
4th one : Being pianist, singers, actors/actresses, dancers, etc. A rail called Artists.

Take a look around. We have lots of world-class tarent from 2nd, 3rd, and 4th rail. On the other hand, few innovators come forth from the 1st one.

The 1st rail does not work any more.


The fifth one that Diixi is trying to se up is a rail called "innovators" who will make transformation of a society by interactive technologies.


100 million copies are sold across the world by 20 years old manga writer. 18 years baseball rookie bats cleanup at MLB. 15 years old girl received an award from classical competition in Paris. Same things will happen in the rail called innovators.

In fact, 12 years old boy programed apps for iPhone. It got millions of download in a few weeks. Who set up a rail where youth need to go to high school and university and become business person at 22 years old?


There is no best age to start challenge.
There is no best age to begin fights against the world.
Anytime you can start it. You will do it by yourself.

Diixi wants to create people who will do challenge.

Diixi hopes to create innovators to actualize that

No, we want to keep on creating

Continues to create innovators that move with the times

This is the mission of Diixi. That is why I set up Diixi in Singapore.

So let's break up limit of your life.


A cafe in Singapore, January 1st, 2013. Diixi Pte.Ltd. Founder and CEO Noritaka Kobayashi