「Japan is great」
An elderly said this to me at non electricity villagein India. At that moment, I said no, not so… with a sense of humility. This incident made me furiously ashamed and regretful.

And in my hand there was a Nokia…

I have been to many countries starting from the United States, Europe, Korea, China, Southeast Asia, India, and Africa and so on for business.

There, I witnessed “a losing Japan”. No matter where I look, Korean brands, China brands,
and Western corporations which are expanding their brands around the world. I have been to the so-called
“1 Dollar A Day” world in India and Africa. And I have personally supported the NPO/NGO activities there. Moreover, I got to know that it is possible to create business from there. And that many foreign companies are carrying out this business.

Where could Japan have gone wrong? Why did it become like this?

At that moment, I encountered the following phrase.

“The responsibility lies with those who realized it”

In fact, I realized itin many occasionsin my previous business experiences.

What should be the responsibility for me…? I have been pondering on this.

What is it that I can do?

How should a successful globalization be carried out? I decided to create a ‘platform” for all to experience this.

How should corporations and individuals be transformed so as to survive inthe ever-changing global society…?

Japan is being underrated by the world. I believe that the products and services of Japan have always been the best in the world.

However, the sales and diffusion approach, the localization methods, and the persuasion techniques with the other parties from various regions are one of the weakest in the world.

In these 20 years of stagnation, it has come to a situation where theJapanese are underestimating themselves.
I want to root out and transform such fundamental mindsets. And here I have set up Diixi to provide a “platform” for all to realize this.

Of course I have an option to start my business in Tokyo, however,staying in Tokyo would not be convincing enough for someone who is shouting about globalization.

It is not “Let’s go overseas!”, rather I want to call out to them, “Hey guys, come over here!” It is from this thought that I made up my mind to set up the business in Singapore.

A company that continues to create innovators that move with the times

I endeavor to develop this business towards achieving the above goal.